Introduction :)

Hello, my name is Sarah. I’ve started this blog to write down my feelings and thoughts of the things in life as a release. I particularly chosen the name ‘Escape Alaska’ because this is my escape from reality through an internet portal, and Alaska is the kind of place in my mind that is mysterious but yet some how peaceful.

I post mostly posts about life, change and hope you can relate to me. I also enjoy writing a lot, and will occasionally post a short story or a book review.

I am also hoping to expand my blog into different areas and post basically whatever interests me at the moment (e.g. makeup, room decoration ideas and fashion) in the future.

The aim of this blog is to not only to make me feel better when I’m sad, but to also act as a site where you can come back whenever you are feeling down, and hopefully tell you that you are not alone.

Happy reading 🙂 xx