I like being alone, from time to time. I close my eyes and listen to my ballad music, I look around me and observe, the quietness that I’m never used to, the waving trees outside, the pattering rain, and feeling my heart is relaxing. When I’m alone, I think what a long way I have came in life, I start to think deep, and all the burdens of my life would instantly go away and I just want to stay at the moment forever.

  I like the sense that I don’t have to please anyone or make the effort to make friends or keep friends or anything. Sometimes, things just becomes too much and I think we all need that alone time to have a reality check, a moment where you can be yourself and find back your old self. I often find myself changing my character to please other people and as time goes by, I start to lose my original character. When I’m alone, my old self comes back because there is no one there to judge what I’m doing.

  When you’re alone, you start to think why nobody cares about you after all, after all the things you have done to them, you wonder why you’re not the perfect girl that always has this cute boyfriend, you wonder why you’re so weird, you get so angry at yourself because you are you. At that point, I always cry, for no apparent reason, just because I just felt like it, crying for the sake that it’ll make me feel better about my crappy life. Crying is a way of self-comfort, it shows out weak side that we don’t want anyone to see because we are insecure about ourselves, that’s why we always cry when we’re alone, hiding your feelings from everyone because they will judge for who you are.

  Who are you? When I’m alone, I always search for myself, my real-self. Who am I actually? Am I the girl that is always sociable and hangs out with her friends all the time? Or am I the girl that always wants to hide in her room and go on the internet? I get confused because there are so many sides of myself. I wish that people would accept me for the way I am but at the end of the day, I’m really the only one who can accept my true self. We all have our crazy and lonely sides that we don’t want to see.

  When I’m alone, I always look out of my window and look at the sky, those clouds emerging together, the way they move together, I always think that the sky is the prettiest when I’m alone and it makes me realises that I’m only a small creature in the great big world. Upon those clouds is a completely universe that is unknown to us and I realise that I’m one of the billions of people in the world.
  Then I figure that I’m not alone, because there must be someone right now, at the same moment, thinking the same thing as me, alone in their rooms and having their alone time. I’m not a loner, I’m not alone. The alone time we have I think is a type of healing, it heals you from all the hurt you get everyday, all the guilt you endure, it releases it out of your chest.

  Being alone saves us from being something we’re not, it is a time that allows to do whatever we want because there is no one there to stop us; being alone means that you can rethink your life, decide what you want to do for the rest of it and just let the chips fall into its place; being alone motivates you to do your best and live life the fullest everyday…


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