The First Phone Call From Heaven

 I’ve recently read the book called ‘The First Phone Call From Heaven’ by Mitch Albom. I just wanted to review on this book, my thoughts on the message the book delivers. (Apologies to the ones who haven’t read it) I have to admit, it’s not one of Mitch Albom’s best books (strongly recommend ‘The Time Keeper’)

 The whole book illustrates a story about a small area in America called Cold Waters and it all started with a normal woman called Tess who received a phone call from her dead mother, and the story proceeds when we find out that there are other people who have also received these phone calls. However, the protagonist Sully is determined to decode this mystery because he doesn’t believe in this ‘madness’ because he too had scars from his dead wife who was killed because of him.
 The message from this book is that faith is a very dangerous thing, we may believe in something that is completely false, in terms called ‘false hopes’. The phone calls in this book are a sacred false hope to the people, a proof that heaven exists, and people go mad about it. The story actually progresses to the point where people go mental and do whatever they can to receive the phone call from heaven, proving that religion can manipulate our minds and persuade us to do anything. Personally, I think these false hopes should be stayed as it is, even though they might all be nonexistent, it gives believers a purpose to live, something they can hold on to, so it’s better to let them be. Because the truth is cruel, it breaks the circle you have created after years of believing. We can see this in the book, the truth can crush people, like they have lost their sense of being, like believing into a lie. I also think these false hopes can create fantasies for people to escape for reality, when the characters from the book first heard from their dead relatives, they were in shock, emotional, relieved; they were relieved that their dead relatives are safe, they were emotional because they missed them so dearly, they were in shock because they were speechless about this miracle. Believing in heaven is what heals us on earth..
 I have false hopes as well, I believe that there is a world in the other side of the parallel universe where life wasn’t complicated, where I will have no worries, where I will be loved and not be forgotten. But of course, it’s just a dream that I hold on to, the ideal life I hope for, though it might just be a dream, it gives me a target and imagination. I think everyone is allowed to have a belief and a dream, everyone deserves an imaginary portal to let out their feelings and dreams through.
 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please support and leave a comment about your dreamland 🙂

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