Beginner’s Guide: Makeup

I’ve recently fell in love with exploring makeup, and am kind of obsessed with it 😛 It’s not that I want to cover up my imperfections or really want a makeover, it’s just that I love the satisfaction when you look in the mirror and see a different side of you.

It is such a fun thing and is great for bonding with friends as there is just so much to talk about.

Of course I’m not a professional makeup artist, so therefore these things are just in my personal point of view.

Here is a list of what I would recommend if you’re starting off your makeup bag.

BB cream

NIVEA-BB-kremi-001I personally started off with the Nivea BB cream. I always find foundation very thick and cakey on your face, so BB cream is a good substitute. It is lighter in texture and also moisturise your face at the same time, as well as giving good coverage.

Also, they are about 7-8 pounds each, which is affordable and lasts you a long time.

Other good BB creams: Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream, Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream



You can either buy stick or liquid concealer. Personally, I started off with the Love Fille Nude face concealer which I bought in Japan. It is a stick concealer and I find it is more dry on the face. If you would want your face to be more highlighted, I suggest you buy a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone, which would bring out your features more. I also feel that a liquid concealer has more coverage than stick ones but stick ones are more convenient and easy to apply.

Price Range: £5-8

Other good brands: M.A.C, NYX concealers (has colour cancelling ones as well)

Eye Shadow


If you starting out eye shadow, it will be good if you start of with a palette with nude colours, whether it is a shiny or matt. Once you master the nude colours, you can experiment with more bold colours such as blue, grey and pink. There are a lot of variations within nude colours, and can be the basis of a lot of simple eye makeup.

This is the palette I started off with (Kate Tokyo Brown Shade Eyes) and it does wonders!! You can achieve a natural and smokey look with only these 3 colours.

Comment down below if you would want me to do an eyeshadow tutorial!

Price range: £7-12

Other really good palettes: Too-faced Chocolate bar palette, Sleek Divine Eye shadow Au Natural



You have two choices here: liquid or pencil. As a beginner, I find using a pencil is much more easier to master than liquid. Having a pencil eyeliner means that you can control how dark you want your eyeliner to be, therefore can achieve a more natural look.

I highly recommend buying an eyeliner with a thin tip (just a like a felt tip pen) because it’s easier to refine your lines and vary them as well.

Price range: £5-10

Other brands: Revlon Eyeliner, Maybelline precise eyeliner



Part of the Maybelline’s Collection

Now for mascara!! The most important finishing touch to your eyes!

I recommend using a lash curler to make you lashes longer before applying mascara, because it does add to the effect.

I personally think that Maybelline has the best range of mascaras and cover a lot of looks.

I wanted to achieve a more natural look so am using the Colossal Volume Mascara and it’s very good, the effect is very subtle but effective.

The mascaras that have a bend curls your lashes even more, enhancing your eyes even more. (Perfect for smokey eyes looks)

Price Range: £7-10

Other products: Rimmel London Super Curler



NYX liquid lipstick collection

The photo on the left is the NYX liquid lips collection. Liquid lip stick’s colours are more prominent (I find) and are easier to blend as well.

I would recommend to use darker colours for the winter and brighter colours for the summer.

These are very convenient but can sometimes be a bit messy.

Other brands: Kylie Jenner Lipsticks, Megalast



M.A.C Lipstick collection

Ordinary stick lipsticks are very handy and are much softer on the lips.

You can always use lipstick as your blusher and just blend it out. (It actually works!)

They are also easier to apply and dry out quicker than liquid ones.

It would be good to at least have one stick lipstick in your makeup bag, maybe in the colour that goes with the majority of your looks.

Other brands: Cyber Colours, Estee Lauder (any drug store brands)

Price Range: Really varies depending on which brand you have but usually you can get the cheapest from £1.


This is all for my recommendations. I think this is a decent amount you could start off with. Hope you have found this useful! xx

In terms of contouring and highlighting, I think it is better to explore this later on when you have mastered the basic eye shadowing, applying foundation etc.

If you want a good starting brush kit, the Real Technique‘s brush kits are very good quality and also are sold at a reasonable price 🙂

I hope you have found this useful.

Comment down if you would want me to do anything similar in the future xx

Thank you ♡



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