Childhood is a period of time where we stay innocent, oblivious in the world. When we were children, we were fed by this idea that the world is a fantasy with fairies and pixie dust. We get so absorbed into this artificial world that we don’t take notice about the things happening around us, stuck in this little made up bubble.

I still remember that a lot of things were more acceptable as I was a child. When I accidentally spilt a drink on someone, the person would actually smile and say it’s ok. However, now when I’m older, whenever I do something accidental, people would always death stare me and curse me behind my back. Why is this?


I feel as I grow older, you are expected to have more responsibility, you are supposed to grow up and follow society’s rules. That’s why I don’t want to grow up, because as I grow older and older, I am more exposed to society and therefore have to take responsibility for myself and my future. Learning how to be organised and set your priorities straight.

I think childhood is a rosy period where you are loved by the people around you the most. It’s a shame that I don’t remember most of my childhood, everything is a blur. All the princess and pinky things I used to have, and my obsession with cartoon network and Disney, now are all memories.

Society forces us to grow up, forces us to try new things, meet new challenges and mature. Naturally, we would forget the drip drops of our childhood because we are so occupied in our daily lives now. However, it is good to throwback and think about the precious moments in your childhood, the silly mistakes and embarrassing things you used to say, it reminds you who you truly are. Not this person that society wants you to be, but a person with a true unique colour.



‘Come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned’

                                        -Peter Pan



Hope you have enjoyed this post. I wrote this in response for the Daily Prompt challenge on WordPress 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. realitycheck1449 says:

    We have to be the same person. Dude you’re amazing. The way you write is.. I don’t think amazing explains even 1/4 of it. You are SO SO SO SO SO talented. I wish I could write like you. The way you understand people. Can we be like best friends or something. Actually sorry the place is already taken. My bed would get really jealous if I replaced him. But yea, okay I’m getting off topic. What was I saying, oh yes I’m in love with you in a completely weird – but my saying is weird is rad – and platonic way. But still in love with you. I’m trying to find some way to express how much I love your writing but I’m not good with words. But yea I’m a socially awkward, beautiful, magical, sparkly UNICORN!! I don’t understand you humans. But yep, I don’t know what I’m saying. So I’m gonna go. Bye bye.
    That’s my rant.

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  2. realitycheck1449 says:

    Oh also I forgot to tell you, at first I could come off as a little creepy. Well as lot creepy but don’t worry I couldn’t hurt a fly. Well actually I could because they’re so small but they’re so fast they might fly away. Haha, anyway the question is would I hurt them? Yes I probably would because those little buggurs – don’t think that’s a word – are EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU! But I couldn’t hurt anything else. I mean unless they’re mean or making fun of my friends. I could and probably would hurt them. I HATE BULLYING!! But I LOVE FOOD. I love taking long romantic walks, to my refrigerator. Anyway what was I saying? Oh yes, I’m gonna come off as creepy at first, or really all the time but don’t worry, y’all get used to it. And if you don’t then, I don’t know what to do. What else, oh yes I was saying, I couldn’t hurt a thing. Which I mean I probably could l, maybe. If I wasn’t so lazy and actually got out of bed. So I’m really confused how we got to this conversation. Well not really ‘we’ since I’m the only one talking. Well not really talking but typing. But that’s nothing new, I confuse myself all the time. Well I’m gonna go before you get creeped out even more ( which it’s probably to late for that). Also could you do me a favor, if understand anything I just said -well not really said but.. Okay let’s not get into that – do you mind writing me back and explaining it to me. Because I don’t have a clue.
    Anyway bye bye.
    That’s my rant. Now I’m gonna go eat Nutella. Is it just me, (probably is) or does everyone calm down by eating Nutella.

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  3. realitycheck1449 says:

    Okay yes I know I’m annoying, but I just had to say this. On your blog it says you’re trying to escape from reality!! Haha, well seems like I’ve found you. Okay now I’ll go. Bye bye.
    “Nutella, baby here I come!!”

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