My Life, My Choices

I feel like society has painted a lot of images as to what is good for a career. As an asian, my parents think that a professional job (e.g. doctors, lawyers and engineers) are jobs that can give you stability and financial security. I am always pressured to fulfil their wishes but I know deep inside, this is not what I want to be.

It’s really sad to see people going to work for the sake of going to work, it might not be something they particularly enjoy but they take the job anyways, because they have wages that they can live by. In a money oriented society, people consider it as a big thing in their career. All people want, is to buy a house that they can comfortably live in and build a family, this all costs money. Therefore, for the sake of earning the money, people go with the job with the higher wage, and don’t follow their passion.

I believe if you follow your passion, you would achieve even further because you enjoy what you’re doing, and nothing you do bores you. You would lead to a healthier life that way and be happy. If your passion is saving people from diseases, good for you; if your passion is to be dancer, sign up for auditions, it’s never too late, and if you’re scared, just think that you have nothing to lose.

Don’t be influenced by your family’s wishes and don’t be wavered by how your friends are doing, because in the end of the day, it’s your choice to make the move. Break out of your comfort zone and confess that you want to be who you are, and not something you’re not. You are the designer of your life, nobody designs it for you, it’s your individual masterpiece, so don’t waste it. As they all say, you only live once, do the things you love before it’s too late and it will take you somewhere, somehow, it’s funny how events are all linked and happen for a reason. Design a life you love, make your friends and family proud of your achievements, prove to them you are more than what they think.

Grasp the time you’ve got and make use of it. Don’t just sit there in front of a computer and dream about an ideal life, because you’re not making anything happen. Seeing people on the internet gaining success might make you feel really discouraged because you’ve achieved nothing significant yet but think of it as a goal to look up to.

Time is valuable so do the things you love and not the things you are reluctant to do, take the risk, no regrets. You have a dream, so make it happen.




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