A Story of Success (Pt. 1)

Everyday, I go on Facebook and Instagram, looking at these flawless pictures of celebrities. I want to be one of them, so badly.. so badly…

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if I had a thousand wishes, so much easier if I had wealth and love at the same time.. There is this ideal world that I picture, and it always seems far away from me. Why is life so unfair?

I went to bed that night, holding on to this thought. The thoughts of a successful life, fame and money. I snuggled up in my humble bed, and went to sleep…

I woke up to see that I’m stuck in blank space, nowhere to go. There was a wavering spirit shaped in purple, I stepped closer to it.. It said to me, ‘Do you want me to grant your wish?’

Not knowingly, I naturally nodded, and everything went back to darkness. Not knowing that it was the turning point of my life..

I woke up again, to find that I’m back at home, back in my sheets. So it was a dream, huh.. no such thing as magic in this world.

But then I heard the sounds of cameras and saw flashes outside my window. What’s going on? I looked out and saw a herd of 20 photographers waiting patiently outside. I was confused, what is happening.

Idiotically, I opened the door and stepped outside. Before I even said a word, the photographers already started taking photos, the brights lights were so shiny that I was confused of what to do. I just stood there, letting the voices past me by, I’m so confused.

I went back in and looked at phone. I scrolled down to Facebook, and to my amazement my whole feed was filled with my articles. Articles about me releasing a new album, a new fashion line and being the top 100 richest people in the world. How did this all happen in one night? Has time advanced? Am I in the future?

However, naturally I smiled and giggled.. This is the life I’ve always wanted! It’s happening now!!! I screamed inside. Just imagine how many things I will be able to do in my life!

Well, that’s what I thought…


*Stay tuned for part 2!!*

haha I just felt like writing a short story, nothing much. All the things I’ve mentioned are fictional!

*Comment and follow for more ♡*




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