My First Concert Experience

Yesterday, I was able to see the legendary band Coldplay in the Wembley Stadium. Despite the masses of people and long hours of wait until they came up, it was an amazing experience.

Through this concert, I finally understood why people say that live performances are always better than watching a concert through a screen. The whole aroma, the whole atmosphere was just completely different. It’s not only you and your computer, but with 10,000 other people enjoying the same music. The thoughts of that is just amazing.

It was not the fact that I was able to see Chris Martin and the whole band up-close, but the fact that everybody was there for a sole reason: to listen and enjoy the music they love. Despite our different backgrounds, from a teenager to a middle-aged woman, we all have one common interest: we all love Coldplay. The fact that people unite for music is just amazing.

It was also a rainy Sunday, and to be very honest, it wasn’t the best weather to be holding a concert. However when the lights turned on and the music turned up, everybody was instantly in a good mood. I can never forget the cheers when ‘Viva La Vida’ came up, the emotion and gratitude we had for these 4 people, making music to motivate us to get through our lives.


Can we just take a moment and appreciate Chris Martin šŸ™‚

Even though the concert was over and everybody was waiting to get out, there was still the cheering sounds and the singing of the melody of ‘Viva La Vida’. Naturally, everybody joined, it was such an emotional scene, we were all connected together because of Coldplay. Through this concert, I have truly understood the power of music.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better first concert experience. Coldplay was the perfect match, their songs were motivating and unique, they are different from the mainstream artists. They have something special that makes everyone appeal to them, this aroma around them, I can’t explain it.

I will never ever forget when the yellow lights that lit up across the whole stadium when the song ‘Yellow’ was playing. Let’s hope my second concert will top this one! haha šŸ™‚

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