I think we can all agree that we want to be loved by everyone; we want to be the perfect person that everybody looks up to; we want to be ‘goals’. When I scroll through my tumblr feed, I see these pretty and tanned girls admiring the sunset, instead of feeling a sigh of awe, I had a sigh of defeat. In reality, we really can’t be the perfect person, even the pretty girls in those ‘perfect’ pictures; there will always be people who find us annoying, and there will always be people who don’t favour us. We all have our bad habits.

That’s what friends are for. True and genuine friends will tolerate your bad habits, they’re the ones that share the same characteristics, habits and interest as you; They’re the ones that will help you all the way through life and don’t hold grudges against you. True friends won’t isolate you for someone else; true friends stick up to you no matter what, and trust me, there will only be just a few in your entire life. You don’t need a hundred people to care about you because chances are, the majority of them don’t care and just want your attention; true friends however do care and thinks about your needs before theirs. In primary school, I used to be friendless because I was new to the environment and I didn’t know anyone; I remember I would cry everyday until a girl approached me one day and asked me if I was okay before anyone else; she did it because she cared, she did it because she noticed and was concerned. The feeling was new and touching, it was like finding light in the big dark world and I can tell you that the girl that became my first friend in life is now my best friend for 7 years.

Friends are bonded through memorable things, you both have a mutual memory of each other: the small talks you have with them, the DMCs you talk about all night, the memorable school trips you had together. A friend is somebody that can insult your insecurities and you won’t feel offended because you know they’re joking. Sometimes at night, I wonder what i wake up everyday for, what is something that is worth-while for me to get up and sleep at a decent time? Well, friends do, we look forward to school, to trips, to dates because we want to make more memories with them. Going to school and studying might not be fun, but you will find that the best memories you have in life lies in the memories you make at school. A school is a portal for you to make friends so treasure it. I think there is a clear difference between lovers and friends; lovers are a pair of people who are passionately in love and can tolerate each others flaws; friends are a group of people who respect you for who you are and were there to witness your growth since day 1.



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